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Up and coming artist, ChAnGeR, is a fresh face that had his talent chosen for him. Growing up with an abusive mother and then given to an adoptive mother, who he refers to as mom now, ChAnGer has had many hardships. Through these hardships he was introduced to music, because that was the one item in life that always seemed to soothe him, “Music is medicine to me and gives me the confidence and freedom to use the creativity God gives us all through having absolute control and individuality through creation and music”, explains ChAnGeR.

Not only does ChAnGeR’s music show continuous creativity and heart, his name is another aspect of his ingenuity. It is not just another name picked by another artist, but instead it has meaning. The interchanging letters represent the various up’s and down’s in life. As a strong believer in God, he believes that God is the ultimate changer, and represents this name well.

“ChAnGeR means taking positive steps towards using awareness to improve our situations. We either change our lives or they change us, so why not be a changer?”– ChAnGeR

As a devoted single father, ChAnGeR always puts his son first. He thanks God everyday for blessing him with a son that he can cherish and love. He makes sure that his priorities are in order by realizing he is a single father first and an artist second. Even though times have been hard raising a child on his own, there was never a day he had any regrets. If anything, his son has made him stronger, and pushed him even harder to achieve his goals. Although ChAnGeR would love to see his son follow in his footsteps, he fully supports whatever he chooses to be as he grows to be a young man, just as long as he stays on the path that God has created for him and takes full advantage of it.


Future goals consist of assisting artists with their music productions and enlightening them by sharing his personal experiences and life tools he carries through learned life lessons. ChAnGeR expresses his enthusiasm about his future, “I am so blessed with all things, I know the sky is the limit. I can book and budget tours, negotiate recording contracts, music licensing…etc. Shoot, I play the drums like I am in a James Brown tribute band”.

With a positive, ambitious attitude and open-mind, ChAnGeR takes on his opportunities at full speed, and we can expect to see him go far with his music career. We look forward to watching him grow as an artist and becoming more successful in his life.

By: Robyn Howard

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