Che Bark

Che Bark is a songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist hailing from South Korea.  Born Jay Park, he is now based out of Chicago as he comes more into himself persona-wise every day. His first EP August is the first project he’s released under stage name Che Bark. 

He sings as well and considers himself more of a music producer and songwriter, as opposed to a performer. He enjoys recording and writing – it is what gives him solace.  

He’s genre agnostic and has made sounds across the board which vary greatly under names other than Che Bark. In 2011, he released a musical projectThe Next Dawn  under the name A Callow Instance.  This was a progressive classic rock concept album – heavily influenced by Pink Floyd, King Crimson and other 70’s bands of the time.

He was also part of a jazzy electronic fusion trio called Fever Chills for a few years from 2014-2016. In 2017, he formed a production duo called Faded Timbre, where they released an EP that was a bit closer to the sound of Che Bark if not for being more rock-oriented. He took a hiatus from writing music which lasted a few years, ending only this year with his new release.

Che Bark’s What Is Real is the last song in his album and fits conceptually with what’s going on in 2020, specifically the oversaturating amount of information we are constantly being fed by the mainstream media. He wanted to express the tiredness of what we are going through in the Covid pandemic with his low energy vocals alongside subtle vocoder effects to emphasize the confusion and blurred lines of reality. The music  has  changes in style and sound that evolve throughout the song – the first half of it is very upbeat, electronic with four on the floor vibes while the latter half changes to a more old school, soul feeling that is vastly different.

He aims to inspire people to look up and find some light and inspiration in this weird dark time of our lives through his music. This album is dedicated to all who stand and fight against racism, inequality and social injustice.

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