Chester P's Five Word Final Freestyle Trail is upon us again...

As the name suggests, this event is the brain child of one half of the seminal group, Task Force, Chester P. Chester says, ‘I would define the night as a unique and energetic environment where the audience scream out words of which I pick up to 5 and the 2 selected MCs battle it out, there are 8 contestants in all who must endure 3 rounds of lyrical pugilism’.
The night is certainly boosted to the next level by the charismatic and dedicated host, Chester P. Since its conception in April 2006 the night has been a big success, Chester has said, ‘I am very happy with the way the night is progressing it appears to be going from strength to strength naturally at its own accord’.

Chester P's Five Word Final Freestyle Trail is upon us again...Chester’s ideology behind the monthly event was, admirably, to use it as an instrument to push up and coming talent within the UK scene, who are not necessarily given the opportunity to shine that they are worth.

I passed through Cargo for the Christmas special last month to check it out… And managed to have chat with Chester to ask what his main objectives through the event are, ‘The aim of the evening is to offer up and coming artists a platform and at the same time offer people a warm night of hip-hop music dedicated to the underdogs’.

If you have not had the opportunity to reach Cargo yet, I’ve gotta say, it’s the ideal venue for this sort of event. The turn out at the night I attended was really good, there must have been 350 – 400 heads inside the venue and all of Cargo is open aside from the restaurant, which is great because there’s ample room to maneuver without the night lacking atmosphere or equally having next mans stepping all over you.

On the night there were 8 MC’s battling it out, including the notorious Farma G and his very own son an emanate player within the scene Remus, who believe it or not is just 15 years old but already displaying ridiculous lyrical ability, (maybe it just runs in the family). Remus is due to have his own mix CD titled "THE NEW BEGINNING" due to drop in the next few months.

All the artists were using and incorporating the 5 words that were offered up by the very energetic audience members. I found this interactive element to the evening really refreshing and you could defiantly feel the audience engaging with the artists, I feel this was a positive attribute, the audience were hyped and contributed some very eeerrrrr… interesting suggestions.

The MC’s on the night all rose to the occasion with flair and I must say some very quick thinking and witty responses, notable talent in my opinion was Sonny Jim, a Birmingham based rapper and Co-sign also hailing form Birmingham, they both put on an excellent show and made it to the semi finals.

Chester P's Five Word Final Freestyle Trail is upon us again...The music on the night aside form the battles I would define the finest in hip-hop selected by DJing greats such as Louis Slippers, Harry Love, Sarah Love and many more.

Having had a heavy time at the Christmas special there was really only one more question to ask of Chester and that was to find out what’s going to be up and coming for him in 2007, ‘I personally have an project being finished right now which is my debut solo album title of which is to be confirmed at a later date and I’m trying to get some collabs with up and coming artists’.

Entrance to the Free Style Trials is a mere £6 and the next event will be taking place on the 7th February at Cargo, with live PA’s from Inja and Mr. Scruff (Delegates Of Culture). For a Wednesday night its pretty damn good. I’m confident that the only thing that will disappoint is the fact that it ends at 1am.

See you there.

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