Choong Family

The Platinum Edition DVD is bursting with 3 hours of footage including a 1 hour documentary on the award winning group, radio interviews, live performances and behind the scenes interviews and tour footage.

With shout outs from the likes of Common, De La Soul, Floetry, Mike Skinner and the cream of the urban industry, radio interviews with DJ royalty such as Tim Westwood, Richard Blackwood and The Firing Squad, exclusive behind the scenes footage at events and an excellent photo gallery this is a must have DVD for any music aficionado.

Choong Family - Higher ElevationThe DVD consists of the following: 1 hour documentary including special features and the 9 music video’s, Hustling’s Life, Choong, Monologue For The Thoughts, Injury Time, Memory Lane, Fall Back, Pain Don’t Stop, Survivor and More Murking. Followed by photo Gallery, Radio Interviews & Live Performances.

About the Choong Family

Choong Family are a collective of professional artists, each with extraordinary talents and all aiming for one ultimate goal: success. The group consists of Afix (rapper), Scandal (singer/rapper) H.T (singer) and Nutz P (rapper) and collectively the group offers an amazing new sound whilst portraying reality. The resonance this group creates fits into all aspects of the new wave of Hip Hop and R&B. Formed out of friendships through the years the group has evolved into one of the foremost forces in the UK urban scene. This makes the group even more formidable as they really know each other and their respective talents.

The group’s vision to take its sound worldwide and to help define UK urban music as a world respected force, in the vein of Loose Ends and Soul II Soul. Choong Family breaks the borders between the various urban genres of hip hop, soul and R&B. The group’s staple is the creation of holistic songs that encompass more that sheer lyrics and sounds.

Channel U – Injury Time 992, Monologue 001, Choong 004

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