Choong Family
Choong formed out of long-time friendships as the Family grew up on streets of London. Their music blurs the lines between hip hop, R&B and soul with different members of the crew taking on the rapping and singing duties –

Choong FamilyAfix ‘the intellectual’ and Nutz P ‘the comedian’ are the rappers, HT is the singer and ‘sweet boy’ Scandal alternates between the two. They’ve got bars for days and their lyrics are unpredictable – their subject matter varies wildly between gritty depictions of growing up in grimy housing estates to light-hearted, feel-good, shake-a-leg soul sessions.
The UK’s number 1 hip hop group opened for The Game at his recent concert at the Milton Keynes Empire. Choong Family pulled up to the venue in ghetto fabulous style in a stretch Hummer jeep and proceeded to rock the house with their staple of hits More Murking, Pain Don’t Stop and the summer smash Fall Back.
Choong Family joined the ‘Big Dawg’ of Hip Hop up in the Radio 1 studios back in August to spit some bars on the Westwood show. Westwood joins a long line of DJs already showing mad love to Choong Family – Jenny Francis, Phoebe One, DJ 279, Masterstepz, Richard Blackwood and Dave VJ from Choice FM, Ras Kwame, Hot Sound and Jason & Iyare of 1Xtra, Shortee Blitz & Big Ted of Kiss FM are all backing Choong to the fullest.

Fact File

The phenomenal growth of Choong Family has been outstanding in 2005. Since the beginning of this year Choong Family have taken the industry by storm. 4 singles, 4 video’s and a debut album entitled ‘Higher Elevation’.


  • Videos – Fall Back, Memory Lane, More Murkin, Pain Don’t Stop
  • MTV Base – Fall Back #3 (Aug 05)
  • Channel U – Fall Back #1 for 6 consecutive weeks (July – Mid August 05)
  • Channel U – Memory Lane #1 on (whilst Fall Back goes back up the chart to #9) (Sept 05)
  • Nigerian TV stations pick up on Fall Back video (Aug 05)
  • Channel U chart – More Murking (reached no. 5 April 04)
  • Channel U chart – Pain Don’t Stop (reached no. 9 Nov 04)


  • Playlists – 1Xtra Playlist (Memory Lane – Oct 05) & Choice FM C List (Memory Lane – Sept 05)
  • National / Regional – Firing Squad (Kiss FM), Westwood (Radio 1), Phoebe One (Choice FM), Ras Kwame (Radio 1), Big Ted & Shortee (Kiss FM), Jenny Francis (Choice FM), DJ 279,(Choice FM), Richard Blackwood, (Choice FM) Dave VJ ( Choice FM), Masterstepz (Choice) FM, BBC Radio Lancashire
  • Community Stations – Déjà Vu FM,, Freeze FM, Invincible Radio, Juice FM, Hot 92 FM, Vizion FM, Xtreme FM, Flames 94.4 FM, Wow FM, Genesis, Wow FM, Station FM, Station FM, Supreme Radio, Y2K
  • Interviews – Westwood Rap Show, BBC Radio One (Aug 05), Big Ted’s Smoove Grooves, Kiss FM (June 05) Itch FM (Sept 05), Invincible Radio, Xtreme FM (Sept 05), Station FM (Sept 05), Mystic FM (Sept 05), De Ja Vu (Sept 05), Y2K (Sept 05), Station FM (Sept 05) & Juice FM (Sept 05)
  • Best Of British (Channel U) Awards –2 award nominations (Oct 05)
  • UMA Awards –  Nominated for best video (Oct 05)

  • Best Of British magazine 11 page coverage (Oct 05), ID Magazine (Oct 05), Young Voices (Oct 05), New Nation, Touch Magazine (Sept 05), Whats Poppin (Sept 05), South London Press, Invincible magazine

  • Blackstreet Concert, Hammersmith Apollo, London (Oct 05), The Game Concert, Empire Club, Milton Keynes (July 05), City Showcase, 100 Club, London (Sept 05), Club Detention Under 18s party (Uxbridge), Hammersmith Palais (London) Cargo (East London), Rise Festival/London United Concert (London) Prince’s Trust Nokia Urban Music Festival (London) Acfest (Birmingham) Edinburgh Festival, (Scotland)
  • Toured London, Edinburgh  Bournemouth, Luton, Birmingham, Reading & Milton Keynes
  • Posters – 100 railway stations nationwide – Monday 17/10/05 to Sunday 30/10/05
  • Flyers – 10,000
  • Channel U – 100 adverts for 4 weeks every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from Thursday 20/10/05 to Saturday 12/11/05.
  • 1 page album advert in Best Of British Magazine distributed throughout Virgin Mega Stores (Oct 05)
  • Advert in Rwd (April 05)

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