Jonah Melvon

Over the generations, the San Francisco Bay Area has been known to be a breeding ground for some of the most revolutionary music to enter the scene. Dating way back to the futuristic funk of Sly & the Family Stone all the way up to Too $hort, E-40 and Mack Dre, that Northern California flavor has consistently created quality innovations in urban music. Keeping true to the tradition of making classic material, Bay Area native Jonah Melvon is initiating the most cutting-edge musical movement to emerge from the region in decades. With his spanking new album Rain Water Project” and a whopping three new singles “What’s Good for You“, “1099“, and “Thinkin of  You“, this multi-talented rapper/singer/songwriter is rapidly rising to the top of the charts. 

“My music is raw. It’s lyrical; it’s socially conscious. If I’m rhyming or singing, it has a lot of depth in it. It has some level of healing, some level of consciousness”, he explains. “My music is the Bay. The Bay lives in my music”. Born in San Francisco to a mother who migrated from New Orleans and a father hailing from Chicago, Jonah moved to North Oakland with his family before he could barely walk. He was then raised in a quiet, middle-class area known as Lake Merritt.

He played baseball and football all through high school and even played a season at a local junior college. He would not delve into music, however, until his sister and cousin convinced him. His sister Adesha was an aspiring singer who had made quite a name for herself locally and needed someone to produce some music for her. Jonah and his cousin then lent her a hand and started producing tracks for her.

He wouldn’t start making his own music, however, until a few years later when he was attending San Jose State University. He met a couple of guys who believed in his music and suggested he record his own sounds. Jonah took them up on the offer, and before he knew it, had cultivated a local following and had recorded eight demo CDs while making a hefty profit selling them. Riding the momentum of his popularity, he released his first full-album in 2009 called “This Is the Year” but to promote his music while earning some steady income, Jonah assembled a live band called So Timeless.

When he stepped down from the band Jonah started another company, left University, and landed a job as songwriter for a record label. When he wrote a song that charted on Billboard, Jonah went to the boss to ask for either the publishing rights to his music or a bigger check upfront. When the boss inevitably declined his offer, he jumped ship. 

Now with all of that behind him, Jonah Melvon can finally concentrate on building his own brand. With a charisma that cannot be defined, an old school soul, and a message mixed into his mesmerizing melodies, his music draws people to him with a familiar flare that makes people fall in love with his smooth swag. 

Jonah Melvon’s “Sunday Mornings” is a soulful hip hop song that feels like everything we love about Sundays: family, festivals, church, hikes, relaxation, the beach, and coffee. The premise around the song is taking an existing relationship to the next level, and the tagline says it best, “slow down with me like Sunday Mornings”. Sundays are a day of reflection, for getting ready to start something fresh, or a day of connection… and this love song taps into the deep desire in all of us to connect with the people we love the most.

Jonah Melvon

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