Concious Route - Biography

Conscious Route is a rapper, poet and singer-songwriter. Born in London, he grew up in Herfordshire near Cambridge before moving to Edinburgh, where he is now based. Conscious Route founded the CCF movement (Conscious Collaboration Front), as well as holding the Conscious Collective events.

Rollz aka Conscious Route has been in the music scene for over twenty years involved in hip hop and alternative music bands like Fugazi Rum and Monosapiens to name a couple. He’s also worked as a solo artist under Mosman, used to be Mossman Skank and then to the former name now Conscious Route.

Music for Conscious Route has been a massive support with his mental health most of his life. Today he works full time and part time in a school as Counselling Psychotherapist and runs a private practice seeing adult clients. Conscious Route spends the most time after work writing, recording, self promoting his music and supporting, where he can, the music of others on social media.

He really loves music it’s fundamental part of Conscious Route’s being and he tries to make the art he does with a lot thought care and attention, Most the time this is done on a shoestring but Conscious Route tries to make the quality as good as is possible with the resources and support he has.

Concious Route has also formed True Hold Records, a platform he uses to release quality Hip Hop from both himself and other acts he works with.

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