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Nico Perini aka Contrast is an 18 year old lyricist from Luton. With an intelligent outlook in his lyrics and a flow much more mature than his years. He promises to be a strong contender in the music industry .His strong influences range from Hip-Hop legends to bands such as Linking Park, Nickleback, Evanescence, Limpbizkit and also a sprinkle of inspirations from bands such as Maroon 5, Coldplay, and The Script to mention a few. These aid him to create a very unique style of music combined with alternative rap lyrics and poetry, amongst other consistent vocals and a variety of instruments.

With the aid of his team Free Your Style, he has begun to build a catalogue of musical master pieces including working on his first released single Style of Foundation from the fourth coming EP No Justice, Just Us which is a team effort from the Tribe over at Free Your Style. An album will follow later into 2012.

Team Free Your Style not only focus on music distribution, but open mic events, food for thought clothing and building Project FYS a project focused on giving back to those who require aid or are suffering in any poverty in any form.


Although his first release is a Hip Hop banger, Contrast is experimenting with very alternative Hip-Hop and live experimental sound in order that he may eventually appeal to the masses. By working with musicians and simultaneously learning how to read music, Contrast is able to work alongside guitarists and drummers and completely structure a track from scratch, meaning that the end result will always be 100 percent original.

Being brought up around different genres of music, Contrast has found that he can actually adapt too many different sounds just through his lyrics and he is able to adapt to them in a way that he can maintain his powerful delivery and concept to any sound he has to work with, making his style very versatile. As an artist Contrast wants to be able to develop so that his music is not just situated in the UK or even the USA, he would like to believe that his music can catch the attention of listeners worldwide.

Find Style Of Foundation and future Contrast items at:

Contrast will be supporting Akala and Lowkey in South Hampton Jan 20th.

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