Controversial Graffiti Returns To Tyneside - The Art Works Galleries
After their popular ‘G Word’ exhibition at The Baltic, New Line Graffiti have launched their latest work at The Art Works Galleries, Ouseburn, Newcastle as part of the gallery’s Urban Art exhibition.

The Urban Art exhibition will run until February 28 at The Art Works Galleries exhibiting artwork from a both graffiti artist and graphic designers who have used urban influences within their work.

Otick decided to return to the gallery in 2007 after the positive reaction received from the gallery’s graffiti exhibition in October 2006 which he was involved in. This controversial however popular exhibition had the community split was this art or a platform for vandals?

Whatever your view on the topic nobody could deny how popular the exhibition was, hundreds of people have visited the gallery to view the work in The Sculptured Eye by the infamous INCH and many even purchased an original canvas from Otick.
Controversial Graffiti Returns To Tyneside - The Art Works GalleriesThis time round the gallery will be exhibiting work by artists from both the North East and the Bristol street scene; they have joined forces to be the main attraction of the Urban Art exhibition taking over the whole of The Solo Eye and The Sculptured Eye at The Art Works Galleries.

The re-paint of The Sculptured Eye by New Line Graffiti means goodbye to the original work from INCH, Otick and Siruz who painted their creation on the walls last year. Co-director of The Art Works Galleries and resident artist Matt Forster said: “It will be a shame to the see the original artwork leave The Sculptured Eye as it has been very popular and introduced many people to the gallery who would not have visited without this exhibition; however a new year brings new artists with new ideas".

“Being able to display the graffiti in both the courtyard and inside the gallery is great as it means the work can be seen in both its authentic roots and under the bright lights of the gallery, giving people the opportunity to study the two different elements of this controversial art form”.

A wide range of both original canvas’s and framed artwork from the graffiti artists and urban artists are available so you can have a piece of the streets in your home.

Graffiti Artists Involved

Urban Artists Involved
Chris Toon
Barry Fox
Gary Power

The Art Works Galleries
Stepney Bank
Newcastle upon Tyne

Opening Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 10am-5pm; Sunday 11am- 4pm.

Controversial Graffiti Returns To Tyneside - The Art Works Galleries

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