Crackhouse Recordings

Crackhouse Recordings was established in 2000 by The SmackDaddy MC’zIll Phil and Tha PCP – to release their first E.P “Born With AIDS”. The EP gained notoriety throughout the Burnley area and nationwide, with a review featuring in Hip Hop Connection.

The pair moved to Leeds in 2003 to work on their first full length album “Back To Crack”, gigging the local circuit with DJ DarkStar. Various releases followed – solo, as a duo and in collaboration with artists such as DarkStar, No-Change, HeartAttack and The Brain.

Ill Phil then decided to move overseas and represent Crackhouse in Japan, while PCP stayed to hold things down in the UK. Around this time Badger Zero and DJ Darkstar came together to form production team The Argonauts, developing their style producing beats for PCP and No-Change.

Instance met PCP in 2004. Whilst his background was primarily in Drum & Bass, he immediately aligned himself with the Crackhouse ethos and soon found himself collaborating with PCP on the now-infamous track “Kansas 2 LA”.

Skuza and Instance

PCP continued to look beyond the limits of the Hip-Hop scene in 2005, joining seminal dub-rock-ska group Fulibulbus – an act who would prove to be a big underground success and attain an intensely loyal cult following.

Instance commenced work on his debut LP and it was agreed that the album would be released on Crackhouse Recordings. This marked a new chapter in the label's history, with PCP for the first time releasing another artist’s solo material on the label. The two MCs took this opportunity to expand and re-establish Crackhouse as a force to be reckoned with.

Over the last two years, Crackhouse Recordings has grown strongly and steadily, signing and establishing acts such as Fulibulbus, The Argonauts, Instance, Mr Brown, Nobby and Chicane, Danny Pig and No-Change and the Crackhouse Allstarz.

Crackhouse Recordings cater to all varieties and degrees of addiction, from metal to ska, indie to dubstep, grime to hip-hop… if it's raw dope and smoking, they've got it on lock.

Crackhouse Recordings - PCP, Instance and No Change

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