Cristale - Will You Ever?

Brixton’s own Cristale presents her first offering of the year in the form of down-tempo, ruminative new single ‘Will You Ever?‘ produced by People Make The World Go Round. The song is released via Black Butter Records.

Being an artist that isn’t content to be pigeonholed by style or genre, ‘Will You Ever?’ is perhaps Cristale’s most left-field release so far. ‘Will You Ever?’ is decidedly more subdued than Cristale’s usual high-octane approach; here she’s traded her typically rapid-fire flow for a more conversational tone, to equally captivating effect. Similarly, the instrumental is a dusty and melancholic odyssey, with gently plucked guitar strings and shuffling drums forgoing current trending sounds in UK Rap. When her delicately sung vocals are introduced on the song’s chorus, listeners will be left wondering if there’s anything that Cristale can’t do.

With each release, Cristale defines herself as a crucial new voice within the UK Rap / Drill space and the release of ‘Will You Ever?’ is an exciting glimpse into a wholly undiscovered level of her artistry.


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