St. Razallah - Crossroad Deal

St. Razallah wrote ‘Crossroad Deal‘ a few years ago while dining out alone. He is inspired by old Delta Blues music, especially the stories and mythology surrounding a lone musician ‘selling his soul to the devil’ for otherworldly abilities on the guitar. This track is a homage to that tale and style of music.

The tune details and describes a man who meets the devil on a moonless night, sells his soul, then proceeds to go to hell and suffer there for eternity. The song serves as a warning to its listener. The artist says, ‘Fans will enjoy the raw nature of ‘Crossroad Deal’. They will connect to it because it isn’t flavoured with something it’s not. It’s honest and truthful. They will feel its rhythm and melody, thus becoming entranced by it’.

‘Crossroad Deal’ is a single of the artist’s debut EP called Art of Prophecy. He is currently working on his second EP that should be released by September.

Tom Waits and Jimi Hendrix are the main influences for the artist. Because Hendrix was the brave explorer who went out in search of new worlds of music, his energy and passion have pushed St. Razallah tremendously to take the leap in crafting his own musical identity.

The songwriting process for the artist always begins with him just singing to himself. It is never words, but guitar melodies and chord changes. Once the main melody is finalized, the drums/beat/rhythm is what comes next and the last ones are the lyrics.

Social media for the artist is very important because there he shares his character’s journey as well as his music. ‘The character that I am, St. Razallah, isn’t just a music stage name. It’s a name that was given to me in a dream. So, social media is a place where I can share the birth and backstory of this entity with my fans. I’ve written two books of poetry that are heavily influenced by this character’.

Listen to ‘Crossroad Deal’ on Spotify.

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