Daemon - The Bad Time

The Bad Time‘ by Daemon was inspired by the sudden death of the woman he loved. ‘Even though I’ve tried to move on, every year when the anniversary of her death rolls around, I can’t help but fall into despair‘. This song tries to contextualize the artist’s feelings through more common loss of love language and the things that may or may not have happened in his romantic life since she passed. 

Daemon’s personality and attachment to the subject create a genuine listening experience in which the listener can feel a strong connection to the artist. ‘I think everyone has had their heart broken before. I think everyone has had to deal with loss, big or small‘.

The meld of grunge elements and trap stylings create a textured soundscape that mirrors the song’s energy harmoniously. A gritty guitar line guides the song through its course with the addition of trap-infused 808’s and Daemon’s instrumentation. Daemon matches the track’s energy perfectly throughout, and his vocal range becomes exceedingly clear with the final progression.

The artist’s musical influences are Kanye West, Nirvana and Jay-Z. He would love to collaborate with Run the Jewels and Rick Rubin. However, at the moment Daemon does not have the time to listen to other artists’ music since he is busy working on his own. He aims to release his debut album in September 2021.

Even though Daemon hates social media, he loves to interact with his fans there. He also wants his fans to take care of themselves and those around them. ‘Although I’m mostly a voice on a song or a face on a screen, I am there for them‘.

Listen to ‘The Bad Time’ on YouTube.


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