Daily Zack - Times We Had

Times We Had‘ by Daily Zack is a track from the artist’s debut album ‘Love Problems’. It is a song about a blinding love and how past relationships help us grow into the people we are today. This track explains the artist’s feelings about a girl who hurt him, how he reacted to the things she did and how this experience pushed him to self-improvement. Daily Zack says the song lyrics are meaningful to him and his fans can easily relate to the situation explained in the song.

Daily Zack is a huge fan of the melodic side of hip-hop, who gets inspired by artists like Juice Wrld, Lil Peep and 24kGoldn. He likes to say that he is the singing part of the rap world. ‘Choruses come naturally to me. I have a harder time with verses but I am trying to evolve myself. I have been trying to evolve my sound and to rap better‘.

The artist’s songwriting process is pretty simple and comes easy to him. Most of his hooks and choruses are usually made within the first ten minutes of hearing the beat. With the verses, Zack tries a couple of different variations and then freestyles off that.

Daily Zack is active on social media because he loves to hear feedback on his music and also likes to interact with his fans. He sends a warm message to his fans, ‘If you support me, then I love you with my whole heart and it means the world to me. Your support gives me the motivation to pursue and to make better and better music. I have only been making music for four months and I have evolved so much in the past two months. Imagine where I will be at when I’ve been making music for two years.

Listen to ‘Times We Had’ on Spotify.


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