Damian Deluxe - Fallin' Soldier

The musical debut of Iraq war veteran Damian Deluxe (aka DMAC) has arrived in the Pacific Northwest. Damian served four years in the United States Army, including 16 months in Iraq. He received an honorable discharge in 2005 and began working on his debut album Fallin’ Soldier, which was released in August of 2006.

Born and raised in southern and central California, Damian Bujanda Jr. has adapted the stage name Damian Deluxe. Performing in both his home base in Germany and his forward war base in Balad, Iraq he provided hours of entertainment for those all around him. Hip-hop and rap music is a constant evolution of style and Damian’s new approach draws comparisons to the most successful rap artists on the charts today. The experience in Iraq inspired him to come home and write some of the most powerful wartime music ever written. It is rare that an artist who’s seen the harsh reality of war will put that experience to music.

Damian Deluxe - Fallin' SoldierThe Damian Deluxe debut CD Fallin’ Soldier features at least three songs that will be remembered for a long time. The title song "Fallin Soldier" sounds like something you’d expect to hear in a movie about the brave men and women fighting in this war. While people all over the world remain bitterly divided on the war, Damian’s honest and unique perspective allows him to rap about it without alienating or offending people on either side of the debate. He starts by quickly listing all branches of the military and thanking all of those who serve in times of war then descends into a haunting whisper "can I kill, can I kill, can I kill". That serves as an introduction to this powerful musical story of how he was trained to do just that. The song’s chorus dares to ask even more poignant questions like "Why do our soldiers die? Why must our families cry? Why can’t we just go home?" "Why are the letters sent saying that our lives are spent fighting a war that no one condones?" All of those in the Armed Service both now and in past wars can identify instantly with the words of this riveting and haunting song.

DMAC has approached Universal music library to have his unique music available for movie producers from MGM studios, Paramount studios, Universal studios, Twentieth Century Fox, Sony records and more. Songs like the title track, Piece of Mind and My Baby seem like a perfect fit for the big screen.

Under his own independent label Breaking Point Productions DMAC is performing in the Pacific Northwest. He is truly reaching a uniquely diverse audience. Women listen and feel his music while men grab hold of the words with their unbridled poignancy. Damian is six-foot-two and of Hispanic-Caucasian ethnic heritage. While striking in appearance he portrays a charisma that quickly draws people to him. When people first meet him, they’re often surprised to learn how friendly and approachable he is. When performing on stage he fills the club with an overall persona that keeps the listener riveted to the stage.

Damian Deluxe - Fallin' SoldierDJs spinning his music are getting requests for all of his cuts. One such DJ, Dan Erwin of Port Angeles wrote: "From the opening track it feels like Pac is resurrected. Damian transforms hip-hop out of the ghettos and onto the battlefields of Iraq. His words are deep and his flows are infectious. The songs that relate to the war are truly great, but it’s not all about the war. I’ve listened to this CD 15 times in the past 30 hours. All 11 tracks are great. It’s all-original with no sampling or covers. Tracks that are guaranteed to get you shaking on the dance floor and meaningful music that the world needs to hear. Walker delivers sweet vocals on Piece of Mind, Fallin Soldier, My Baby and Nightlife. Every song on this CD is worth talking about. Damian delivers a great live show too as I found out Saturday. Be one of the first to own this CD".

While the style of DMAC’s flows give listeners a hint of legendary performers, his style truly is actually quite unique. West Coast or East Coast and even the Hyphy movement all can take a little of Damian’s personal style to get a new and fresh perspective for rap and Hip-Hop music.

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