Danny Zealous

Hailing from Wolverhampton, Danny Zealous is known for his intricate lyricism and fast paced flows. The rapper re-branded and changed his style in the year of 2015 which then in turn led him to dropping the “Dreams Are All We Have” mixtape in 2016, following this he dropped music videos for songs taken off the project as well as getting heavy air play from BBC Asian Network.

In April 2016 he was also named the “Spotlight Artist Of The Week” (On the DJ Limelight and Kandman show) and followed this up in May by having “The Track Of The Week” on the same show, hand in hand with a live interview on The Yasser Show where he discussed future plans.

During the next few years, he continued to release music via Soundcloud and music videos, on both his official Youtube channel and others along side more support and airplay from BBC Radio 1xtra and BBC Asian Network. Kick starting the year 2019, he went on a crazy run releasing five visuals! Smooth, melodic, psychedelic vibes such as “Blue Rain” and “Numb” preceded the trippy, head bopping, trap infused anthems “Spaced” and “Potionz“. Both came with immersive visuals on Link Up Tv’s media channel.

Danny Zealous

A few short months later, raw lyricism and a braggadocio like cadence combined with content revealing his worst fears as an artist, brought us “Flying With Owls“. Dropped alongside an impressive video that featured his home city, Wolverhampton, the release caught the attention of The Express and Star. The newspaper wrote an article on Zealous, highlighting his work rate and content, setting him up nicely for the year that followed.

During 2020 he showed no signs of slowing down, only growing as a artist. Through hypnotic imagery and aesthetics and pure hunger to consistently deliver beautiful music his career continues. Stage show worthy hooks and genius wordplay, he raps in and out of pockets in ways you have to hear to believe! Relentless, he came with eight more official releases scattered throughout the year, exposing himself as an incredibly versatile artist.

Head bangers, thought provoking conscious raps, melodic vibes and hooks that will be stuck in your head for days. He really is ticking all of the boxes. When asked about what 2021 has in store he simply replied, “I think it’s time I give them another body of work, it’s been a while. Life is dark right now so I find light and beauty in the music“. With such creative ingenuity, this young artist is undoubtedly a talent to watch.

Danny Zealous

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