De Wolfe Music

The catalogues of film music libraries have long proven a treasure trove of unearthed breaks and rare gems for collectors and compilers such as Jonny Trunk, the B-Music collective (Andy Votel, Cherrystones) and David Holmes, who have all unearthed forgotten masterpieces from the soundtrack catalogues of long-established production music companies.

De Wolfe’s music library is the longest running and most important such film music resource in the world, having soundtracked the likes of Dr.Who, George A Romero’s Dawn Of The Dead  (and latterly its more recent homage Shaun Of The Dead), countless cult grindhouse films and a whole plethora of first generation soft core adult movies including Emmanuelle. Nowadays de Wolfe tracks can be heard on TV shows Fonejacker, Fifth Gear and Wife Swap as well as commercials for brands like Chrysler, Lucozade and Adidas.
In crate-digging and sampling circles the de Wolfe catalogue is a thing of legend. In recent years its tracks have been sampled by the likes of Mark Ronson, Jay Z, Kool G Rap, The Deadly Avenger, The Gorillaz, Beyonce and Lily Allen to name but a few.

Now de Wolfe is branching out and has prepared a forthcoming series of re-issues that will be the first commercial releases of their kind for de Wolfe. They will include gems from the darkest depths of the de Wolfe music library collated by Joel Martin, one half of the acclaimed Quiet Village, incorporating full explanatory sleeve notes, along with deluxe repro of the original artwork (and the occasional collectable!).

Over time the de Wolfe reissues will form a much-revered collection, hopefully inspirational to a whole new generation of sample heads in much the same way that seminal series’ like ‘Ultimate Breaks & Beats’ and ‘Dusty Fingers’ did way back when…

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