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Saturday, 22 February 2020
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Diamond Mine Opposed Miss Dynamite Wears... Erm Diamonds
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Written by Paranoid Nommo   
Sunday, 08 December 2002
Ms Dynamite
Ms Dynamite

Well if they weren't real one's, they certainly looked like it. All the support the Black community give to her for her powerful defiant stance on the African Diamond trade, and the silly bint's sportin' a sparkly spangly Diamond top, and Necklace on Liquid News (The one a few weeks back with Elton john) and thinking nothing of it. "How many African dies for the diamonds on your Rolex" her lyric goes, and this single line, has shot her to almost God Like status amongst Black Activists and organizations...but no one saw or said anything about the Diamond Dress and necklace she wore on the show!! How could she??. The fact is, even if they weren't real, why would she want to even promote the "look" of Diamonds if she's so against 'em. What a shame. It's like a "ban fur" activist, wearin' a fur coat but justifying it, 'cos it's fake fur.

Her music, is good, nothing against the girl, just the Diamond thing was very disappointing. An issue as serious as the disgusting slavery like conditions of Blacks in the Diamond mines of South Africa is obviously incredibly important, and she bought that to the light, which is really, good news. But to wear something that even looks like Diamonds (if they weren't real that is) suggests she's not even writing the lyrics she promotes so hard. It'd be disgusting to think someone wrote that Diamond line for her, for a bit of extra promotion for her first single. The issue is way too serious for that... fake. Notice how the UK Black press is embarrassingly silent on this story too... 'Cos they all jumped on her, and feel stupid now. 

"These views is my own and nothing to do with this site... biach."

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