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Distrakt‘s first experiences into the entrancing world of music began in his childhood at his grandmother’s jook joint. He’d listen to the jukebox pump out hypnotizing sounds from BB King, Bobby Blue Bland, Aretha Franklin .and the list goes on. His boom box bumped Afrika Bambaataa & the Soul Sonic Force, BDP, Run-DMC, Gangstarr and many more.

Distrakt started rhyming, making beats with pause tapes and collecting records from all his family members in his junior years.The drive for beats and navigating samplers lead Distrakt across town by city bus. He took one day’s ride for just one hour of making beats with Steve The Vocalist and DJ Tony who is now known as Ant from the group Atmosphere. These cats were shopping demos with Jazzy Jay and Afrika Bambaataa. Distrakt met these gentlemen through Cori Edges, who was a golden glove boxer. Two weeks into recording 4-track demos, Cori Edges was brutally murdered. This changed the flow, which halted production.

Distrakt - DistraktionsBy the grace of God, Distrakt kept grinding and got a hold of an Ensoniq EPS 16 Plus and an EMU SP-1200. He went his way as a solo force and started to network. A summer in Canoga Park, CA gained Distrakt production and engineering wisdom from Art Stewart. Mr. Stewart produced and engineered for Motown Records. His works are marked in musical history with legends such as Marvin Gaye, Rick James and David Ruffin.

In ’93, Distrakt landed in Minneapolis, Minnesota at a warehouse that housed several producers and DJs. They threw parties in the warehouse to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads. They hosted a party nearly every night. "There were enough records in that spot to open up a record store. Crate digging was like a beat maker’s utopia." Distrakt told one interviewer.  He noticed that to make things move he needed to handle business, so he attended the Colorado Institute of Art. He continued to develop his skills in beats, rhymes, the music business and multimedia.

Distrakt - BiographyIn ’99, Distrakt released his first tape, "See Thru The Dirt". Then in 2000, he did beat production for Geffen record affiliate, General Horror Show. In 2002, Distrakt released "Calculate Depth Thru Introspect", the self authored Enhanced CD EP. Distrakt is hitting the East Coast, to the bay, to Japan. He was the local spotlight on KS107.5 FM in Denver, Colorado. His hits also bumped on the underground hip-hop station 1190 AM Basementalism in Boulder, Colorado.

"Fish Grease" is the title of Distrakt’s first 12-inch EP album, in stores now. He drops his debut CD "Distraktions" which is entirely self-produced and distributed by Brooklyn, New York heavyweights Fatbeats. His subject matter reflects the jealousy, worldly bizarre and Distraktions that keep a man off balance. This record is for the survivalist. HE’LL DISTRAKT EVERYBODY!

1999 See Thru the Dirt
2002 Calculate Depth Thru Introspect
2006 Distraktions

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