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Diversion Tactics was created in 1998 from former members of early 90s crew CentaPunch Countapoint / The Last Bwoy SoutzJazz T, Barron ACJ, Squeaky da Rixter, (B-boy) The Chubby Alcoholic and DJ and producer extraordinaire, Zygote.

Based in Surrey the crew has come through alongside artists Mark B, Kam & Tom (Beyond There), DJ Random, Cause 4 Concern and SLR (Dashy D and Q-Tips). After several members went their separate ways the group now consists of 4.

The Chubby Alcoholic: I have it on very good authority that Chubby has never quite forgiven his mother for gounding him the day of UK Fresh '86! But his memories of Groove Records, Covent Garden and other B-boy haunts remain with him today. A regular in battles across Surrey and London with his break-crew 'the Techno Clash Rockers'. These days he has become one of a few MCs who can flip many flows and styles. The Chubby Alcoholic is a 'spit first think later' man who raps from the heart and enjoys courting controversy.

Diversion TacticsHe also has two other aliases, Mike Smokes, the pure skills MC who is Chubby's nod to his hero artists Kane and Rakim and secondly Bobba Fresh, The Armchair Revolutionary, who endeavours to bring some conciousness and social awareness to the table. This is one mixed-up kid! Now residing somewhere in the Wimbledon area and working his chubby butt off in some square '9 to 5' he continues to write some of the most original rhymes in Hip Hop, whilst of course keeping several local breweries in business.

Squeaky Da Rixter:
AKA Squeaky Clean, the original south London rudeboy has been holding it down since day dot, as well read in the history of soundclash as he is in the Hip Hop movement. Squeak is now best known, (excluding the ladies for a moment), for his firing one verses on many DT tracks. The hyper than Hype-man and Master of Ceremonies he hosts and rocks every show DT, Jazz T or Zygote play and has done for coming on 15 years. He also hosts and entertains at Verse which is Surrey's only Hip Hop event. Still living in south London, Squeak works towards his own solo EP, 'Mister Clean', which will drop on Boot in the near future.

Zygote: After being described as a genius by Bronx legend Tim Dog, Zy is becoming recognised as one of the hardest edged producers in Hip Hop. A master of the mixdown and a sick scratcher Zy's solo LP, 'Beats to Make you Frown', is nearing completion and includes tracks from the best, Lewis Parker, The Sundragon, Jehst, Yungun, Kashmere, Verb T and of course H.U.G. Combining high-end technology with the artistic love of samples and breaks Zy creates beats to die for and snares that will smack your head up.

Diversion Tactics - Pubs, Drunks And Hip-HopJazz T: The reluctant hero, and as leader of the group he has his work cut out managing all the characters in Diversion Tactics. Jazz has been spinning since 1986 and has DJ'd for and with some of the biggest names in Hip Hop. Having toured with US stars Charlie Chase, J-Zone, Yesh, Freestyle & Shabazz the Disciple, Souls of Mischief, Percee P, Tim Dog and after holding shows down for a whole host of the best the UK has to offer including Rodney P, Caveman, Cappo and Kashmere, Jazz is now giving lessons in how to 'pay dues'.

Winning the 1999/2000 ITF UK Advancement Comp. set his name in stone. Add to this his incredible ear for music and tight production skills and the sky's the limit for a man who lives and breathes Hip Hop. DT have toured and worked in the studio with a growing number of well respected artists and are renowned for their ill live shows, combing sick flows with live juggling and soon to come Chubby breaking! They continue to make noise regardless of the state of the British music industry and host a weekly show on Kane FM (UK).

Diversion Tactics

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