DJ Leggs Aka Daddy Long Leggs

DJ Leggs aka Daddy Long Leggs is undoubtedly one of Prov RI's fastest arising prodigies. Leggs specializes incredible skill in the music and dance world. Born and raised in one of the hardest sides of towns and influenced by streets like so many others.

Never the less, Leggs has sought after positive viable options to up lift himself from the stereo typical advances that most people make of a young city man. At an early age he exhibited his gift with drawing and writing books, always creative and imaginative, Leggs didn’t follow the usual interests of his peers.

While other kids were out playing sports or going to the summer program camps, he was creating comic book characters, constructing his own electronic devices among other things. This doesn’t necessarily make him a better person but just that he was “different”. For a person who’s life was adorned with both strong positive and negative tug of war battles. His triumph was family structure and willingness to set him self apart from the masses at any given time. Leggs never had a problem remaining solitary and “focusing” his energy into things he loved. Being extremely organized and having a determined attitude fastened to his mental, success was inevitable.

DJ Leggs Aka Daddy Long LeggsHe became a dancer first, before music. His passion for dance has been constant for over a decade. Leggs stumbled into the art of “Breaking”, or as the public knows it “Break dancing”, when he was a small child in the mid to late 1980’s. At this time being a child, it wasn’t easy trying to learn on your own and only watching a few movies like “Breakin” or “Beat Street” to back you up. “You don’t have any kind of higher control, as a small child and doing what you want to do”, Leggs admits that was his first time seeing and attempting it. “No teacher, no others really into it at the time, but it was just enjoyable to see on TV”, he adds.

Throughout middle school he was known as the “robot kid” because his erratic pop style and electronic sound effects dazzled school age friends. “Lol, (laugh out loud) I still get people ask me, ‘Yo Sam do you still be dancing or making those noise effects”. This was all just the tip of the iceberg for himself.

A few years later it wasn’t until the spring of 1996, when his little brother who at the time had a back flip crew of neighbourhood friends, came to Leggs ranting and raving about a dance school in their area. The Carriage House was a small theater that featured “Breakin” as one of its classes to take. Immediately after learning this Leggs enlisted his brother and a few other child hood friends to start dancing with him. There were no teachers, no videos just cardboard, linoleum and a willingness to learn. The whole summer of '96 was his day after day, hour after hour; it was dance, dance, and dance. At this time it was only Leggs, Joeskee and Kid Flex (all future members of Providence RI “401 Rockerz”) and a few more friends.

In the latter spring of '96 there was a neighbourhood park event, where the acclaimed “401 Rockerz” performed and Leggs’s mother filmed it. Watching this video provided all of the inspiration he needed to drive himself to learning more and eventually becoming a member of this group, afterwards in which Kid flex and Joeskee were inducted as well. From then on it was all glory and inspiration the crew soon traveled to NY to perform and take part in legendary “Rock Steady Crew” dance events, photo shoots, movie and commercial appearances, battles and so much more. The 401 Rockerz became a household name in RI as the best crew of dancers.

Leggs continued on to teach and dance for himself even after the groups break up in 1999, the bulk of his dance prowess continued into late 2002 a little after his brother Joe Hector aka Joeskee passed away. From then on Leggs continued to still dance sporadically but mostly offering dance workshops to younger kids, or to school dance groups. It was now more than just a hobby but a semi profession. Giving back to his community with show performances, dance workshops Leggs kept the spirit of the art alive and well to himself or the community of people who knew him as “Daddy long leggs”.

DJ Leggs Aka Daddy Long LeggsLeggs is currently running multiple dance classes at select schools and institutions for ages 6 to adult hood. In addition he is a dance model for RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) being hired twice a year for the film class students.

A dance school geared toward Hip Hop orientated culture is in the works to be open, along side possible dance troops for select schools in progress to be set up as an extra curricular program for high school kids.

Becoming a DJ since early 2001 Leggs was still a dancer but stumbled on the fascination of The “Hip Hop DJ” arts. A few of his former dance group members were DJ’s too. He bought his first hint of equipment in 2000 and started as a DJ assistant to a duo of fellow friends. “I had better records then them, lol, that’s why I think they invited me to their shows”, laughs Leggs. Soon after acquiring more of his own music and set up, Leggs branched off to do his own thing. Little local house parties for friends and such were his first stab at the now profession.

Having a dance name already it was only fitting that Leggs take what he had as a title and shorten it do fit his DJ interest. “The number one question I get asked is how did you get your name?” Soon after the tragic loss of his brother in September of 2001 Leggs got into just more than DJing, but now audio recording and engineering. With experimentations to a song dedicated to his brother with a few close child hood peers it was on. April of 2002 and a wealth of hours in his basic home studio the record “Worst Fear” was spawned, and created a large buzz around Providence RI. “It was real and many people felt where we was coming from, everyone was devastated by Joes death. We had people we never met hitting us up about that record; there was so much love. The song effects even the most complete stranger”.

From then on it was this that launched his music, his career as a DJ / Engineer / A&R now CEO of his label “S&J Music Group”. The company has only been in existence since January 2006. With a large buzz and the correct mindset to be different from the average of other struggling musicians of RI his group is in deed a new breed of music sensation.

Currently running the company along side a few trusted individuals Leggs is on the fast track as one of the most respected DJ / street dancers around. His heart is in it; his inspiration is at an all time heigh. DJ Leggs is destined to make noise throughout the world, showcasing the best of his talents. “From bottom to top and back, and I still haven’t accomplished barley what I came to do. There is a long road ahead but its moving fast, I think Joeskee is smiling on all of us”.

DJ Leggs Aka Daddy Long Leggs

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