DJ Lord Jazz
Any real heads that hold memories of the mid-nineties “Golden Age” of Hip-Hop will no doubt have memories of Ohio / New Jersey resident, DJ Lord Jazz of The Lords Of The Underground. Like so many Lord Jazz tried out dancing and graffiti before trying DJing and knowing that was for him. He kept at it and held down a radio show and played at parties whilst at Shaw University.

Having met New Jersey MCs Doitall & Mr Funke at university, the Cleveland native DJ Lord Jazz joined them to found The Lords Of The Underground. Their debut LP “Here Come The Lords”, produced by legendary Queensbridge producers Marley Marl & K-Def, featured hits “Psycho”, “Funky Child” & “Chief Rocker” all of which still set Hip-Hop dance-floors alight across the globe 10 years after their release.

Having been named the BET rap group of the year 1993 their second release “Keepers Of The Funk” cemented the raw energy that defined their funk driven sound. A third LP was released, their reunion album, "Resurrection" in 1999. It dropped on Queen Latifah’s Jersey Kidz imprint, but was so small-scale a release that few realized it had been recorded and released. Apparently a fourth was completed, but unfortunately this never saw the light of day.

Post LOTUG he released "Heartbeat of the Ghetto Vol 1", a mix CD which featured Doitall and was hosted by a French MC named Passi.

To make his beats he uses an SP 1200 or MPC 2000XL along with a Korg Triton and numerous Sound Modules. On the software side he has Pro Tool S and Samplitude Professional hooked up and he is reportde to have around 30 to 35000 records!

DJ Lord Jazz is at the present time in Paris doing radio production and touring and is also working on a compilation album and a Lords Of The Underground DVD. He’ll have a new “Heartbeat of the Ghetto Vol.2" CD featuring Mr Funke to deliver as well as working on new label Premium Records. There is also talk of a new LOTUG LP entitled “House of Lords". DJ Lord Jazz is a busy man.

DJ Lord Jazz

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