Donald-D - Biography

Hip hop legend Donald-D came into Hip Hop as a b-boy breakin on the streets of the Bronx. It is said when he saw Busy Bee Starski rockin the mic @ 118 Park with DJ Disco King Mario he knew where his mission in Hip Hop was headed. He started his own crew the "As Salaam Brothers" with rap partner E.Z.A.D of the famous "Cold Crush Brothers".

From there he became a member of the Zulu Nation when he join forces with Afrika Islam, Jazzy-J, Kid Vicious, El Jay and DJ Superman as the group "The Funk Machine".

When Islam started his radio show the Zulu Beats in 1983 and he needed an MC to rock them fresh rhymes he called on D. That's where Donald's recording journey began.

Donald-DHe met the CEO of Vintertainment Records, and the next day he was recording the classic Hip Hop and b-boy track – "Rock The House". Under the group name "The B-Boys" with DJ Chuck Chill Out. Donald-D's ‘Rock The House Y’all’ lyric would go on to become one of raps most sampled lyrics. When Chuck went solo, Donald would later add a rap partner Brother-B and DJ Master T and record the classic "Girls" /  "Stick Up Kid" / "Girls Part 2". After Master T left the group the DJ became a high school friend name DJ Jazzy G.

Donald D released a single on Elektra that was produced by Grandmaster Flash called ‘Donald’s Groove’. There was also another collaboration between the two on an independent label under the pseudonym ‘The Grey Label’.

The Rhyme Syndicate

From that point Donald-D headed out West to Los Angeles to be part of Ice-T's infamous The Rhyme Syndicate where he wrote and produced many Ice-T albums with his debut on the compilation ‘Rhyme Syndicate Comin’ Through’ and was the first Syndicate rhymer after Ice-T to put out a full LP length with 1989’s ‘Notorious’ on the Sony label that produced the hit single F.B.I. His second LP was recorded on the Warner Brothers label and was entitled "Let The Horns Blow".

Donald also worked in the motion picture industry recording on many movie soundtracks such as: Ricochet, Trespass, Rhyme And Reason and The Freshest Kids just to name a few. He would go on to do radio again with rap legends Kurtis Blow and Whipper Whip doing "The Old School Show" on Power 106 in LA. The music lead him to Japan where he worked with many Japanese rappers and DJ's while his skills and knowledge took him to radio on Inter FM (Japan) with DJ Joey Slick and his own street team show on Contro Radio Italy where his playlist covered every decade of rap. Donald-D along with Islam, Ice-T, Gordy B, Troy Staton, Caz & Whipper Whip ran the biggest hip hop club in Los Angeles called ‘United Nations’.

Donald-D aka Dondee released an EP entitled B.R.O.N.X (Beats Rhymes Of New Xperience). Always a man on a mission to hold down the true Hip Hop foundation, his latest project with rhyme partner DJ / MC Dynamax called The Bronx Syndicate will hit stores in the near future. The Bronx Syndicate is the birth of a new era: Dynamax & Donald D are true guardians and brothers from the Zulu Nation. Having the same love and respect for the Hip Hop culture, they have decided to put their experience, skills and determination in common to launch their first LP, ‘The Funhouse Adventure’ on  the Avenue Of The World label of Just Justice. As the continuation of the Rhyme Syndicate.


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