Double E

Double E is a new UK hip hop artist hailing from the sleepy town of Dursley, Gloucestershire. Located half way between the cities of Gloucester and Bristol, Double is definitely living proof that hip-hop is universal and not only restricted to the inner cities.

Drawing influence from his idols and musical legends such as Tupac, Notorious BIG and Nas, Double began to write rap lyrics to express his thoughts and feelings from as young as 15 years old. As the years passed and his style developed, he began to work with local DJ’s in an attempt to perfect his flow and gain the confidence to support his abilities.

Double E - Road To ImprovementIn 2005 he completed a mixtape alongside DJ Daz Digler entitled “The Thunder B4 The Storm“. The CD was used as a platform to showcase Double’s lyrical talents and featured various freestyles and verses over an 18 track mixtape of US instrumentals. The mixtape became extremely popular and received many downloads via various websites. It proved a great way to spread the word and Double was soon linking with some of the UK’s finest unsigned emcees and producers which ultimately opened his eyes to the mass of hip hop talent in this country.

With an ever growing love for the UK scene, Double now draws inspiration from the likes of Sway, SAS, Lowkey, Doc Brown and many more artists who are setting the standards for UK hip-hop and doing so with little or no financial support, just talent and hard work.

Double EHaving joined forces with friend and artist Linx, 2006 looks to be a promising year for them both… The pair has worked hard to complete Double’s debut “The Road 2 Improvement”. Under the guidance of Five Eight and Abrasive of High Profile Productions, they have compiled a 16 track CD featuring the production talents of Kelakovski, ESQ, Fyba Optix and Kiss Chase as well as guest appearances from Reload, JSB, Abrasive and Linx.

Thanks to the graphic design skills of Linx, they are developing a top quality product, maintaining a professional standard of work from the song quality to the artwork and packaging. With the right approach and dedication, they are hoping the CD will help gain a lot more exposure, not just for Double but for all the talents who have contributed to the CD.

Operating with Linx under “Double Endz Entertainment”, Double E could well have a very bright future. More collaborations and new projects are lined up with High Profile productions as well as Kiss Chase and Amzee of the Groundbreakers so watch this space to keep up to date with all the latest information…

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