Drolly is a Trap Wave/Rap artist from the south side of Birmingham UK, born in Birmingham but raised mainly in Manchester UK. He first emerged onto the music scene back in 2019 after releasing his debut track called “Eyes On You” via LinkUpTV featuring Gw4lla.

The two artists then went on to release a follow up track titled “Anytime” in June 2019 via GRMDaily before Drolly then released his first solo track on his own Youtube channel titled “The Intro“. The Intro released in July of 2019, would get Drolly significant controversial recognition for his Gangsta Rap/Trap style and flow.

Drolly’s following would then start to grow, and after “The Intro” was released, which was in preparation for Drolly’s debut mixtape “Cold Winter” which would further add to his growth, recognition and following. Released in June 2020, “Cold Winter” created further awareness with its distinctive relaxed, strong hitting underground sound!

Drolly has featured a number of times on “BBC Introducing” a nation wide radio show and platform for upcoming artists in the UK, Drolly has also had air play on Kiss FM UK, Hot 92 FM and Pulse 88 Radio in London.

In December 2020 Drolly secured placements on Spotify’s “New Music Friday UK” and Sony Music UK/Ministry Of Sound’s “Made In The UK” official playlists.

Now in June 2021 Drolly releases his latest single Broke Nights.

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