Dubbs - Biography

At 12 years old, Dubbs was homeless. His parents were addicted to drugs and caught up in a cycle of domestic violence.  Wanting a better life for himself, he found the inner strength to stay in school and excel in sports. Dubbs put himself through college where he made his mark in basketball and wound up one knee-injury away from the NBA.

Not the type of person to give up, Dubbs directed his passion back into his first love – music. As a kid, Dubbs learned that if you wanted to succeed, you had to play your own game. True to his early life lessons, Dubbs talent encompasses the whole package. He is a song-writer, producer and artist.
Dubbs - BiographySo far Dubbs has been stepping up his grind. Dubbs has two albums to boast about. "The Million Album" and "2 Sides Of A Star". "The Million Album" is a club CD with upbeat tracks. Dubbs produced the hit single "Jus Ride" which has received radio airplay and DJ support.

"2 Sides of a Star" presents a polished performance from an artist who has arrived into his own. It is a double CD; one side is party / up-tempo hip-hop and the second side is the Playa side, which has a r & b a hip-hop flavour. His single, "Reach My Level" is a club banga! Overall, “2 Sides Of A Star” is packed with strong hooks.

He is now based inRiverside, California and according to Dubb’s people, “With witty punch lines like Kanye West, the realness of Tupac and the smooth edge of Bob Marley… Dubbs is sure to be a favorite in the game for years to come”.

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