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Urban music drama series, Dubplate Drama, has been re commissioned by Channel 4 and MTV to produce 12 half hour episodes for an autumn 2007 airing. The world’s first viewer led interactive multi platform television show which premiered in 2005 on Sony Playstation’s PSP will be shown on Channel 4, E4, 4 On Demand, MTV UK One, MTV Base, MySpace and all mobile networks from Thursday September 20th.

The series, which is sponsored by ChildLine, invites viewers to vote on how its plot unfolds via a cliffhanger multiple-choice dilemma at the end of every episode has signed an exclusive marketing and branded content partnership with the ChildLine (a service provided by the NSPCC), a free helpline for children and young people in the UK.

Dubplate Drama has signed into an exclusive partnership with the NSPCC to promote ChildLine, its free 24-hour helpline for children and young people. The charity has been consulted on the script development and storylines across the series will broach sensitive issues such as bullying, drugs, depression, families, homelessness and pregnancy – problems children talk to ChildLine about on a daily basis. The partnership is part of ChildLine’s repositioning strategy to target an older, hard to reach teenage audience. It has been in discussions with the series since day one of the script development process. Storylines across the series will broach sensitive issues such as bullying, drugs, depression, families, homelessness and pregnancy – problems ChildLine’s volunteers respond to on a daily basis.

Dubplate DramaDubplate DramaDubplate Drama

ChildLine’s partnership with the series includes all TV bumpers, online bumpers and all below the line promotions. It will have dominant visibility across all other channels including MySpace, RWD (short for rewind) and the Dubplate Drama mobile portal.

Dubplate Drama - MCDubplate Drama will encourage young people to debate and vote on issues they usually often avoid and at the same time raise awareness of the ChildLine’s number 0800 1111 via all online and offline marketing communications to be deployed in relevant environments. Free exclusive content shot by a dedicated mobile production team will be made available across all networks from the Dubplate mobile internet site. All mobile interaction with the show will be followed up by a bounce back text with of the ChildLine’s number, crucially and strategically getting gthe ChildLine number on to young people’s mobiles. Content will not have DRM software allowing young people will be able to forward clips to friends free of charge, creating a viral effect.

Youth marketing agency group Livity has secured all partnerships involved in the series and has created a packed marketing strategy that it will execute closer to airing. The campaign will include posters, flyers, online partnerships, online banner advertising and print media. Special attention to inner city areas will be a priority in order to communicate with the more hard-to-reach, urban teenagers – an important target audience for ChildLine. Special attention to inner city areas will be a priority in order to communicate with the more hard to reach, at risk youth – a critical target audience for ChildLine.

Dubplate DramaDubplate DramaDubplate Drama

NSPCC deputy director of communications Keith Bradbrook said: “ChildLine hears from children faced with dilemmas on a daily basis. But making sure that all young people know they can turn to ChildLine for support is a huge challenge”.

“Working with Dubplate Drama gives us a unique opportunity to reach out to an older, teen audience in a credible way. It helps us let young people know there is someone for them to turn to, which is crucial in helping keep children safe and a key part of the NSPCC’s mission”.

“We want all young people to know that ChildLine can offer them free, confidential support at any time of day or night – ChildLine is here to help, whatever the dilemma”.

An extensive MySpace partnership is based on streamed, weekly global broadcasting and exclusive content. MySpace will create a unique platform to host the interactive voting element of the series. Voting will be in real-time and fans of the show will be able to monitor, on a daily basis, which of the outcomes to each dilemma is likely to come out on top. Talent, set to make cameo appearances, will alert their fan base from their individual MySpace pages to coincide with the Dubplate Drama banner advertising planned for the site.

The credible urban music and style magazine RWD is the series’ media partner and will be hosting weekly updates online, gossip cameo chat and forums and will cover the series in its print format with editorial and commentary.

Dubplate Drama - Fyre Crew

Music is central to Dubplate Drama. Series One was set to the sound of grime, a genre of music made by inner-city kids in London which propelled Dizzee Rascal into the mainstream. Times have changed, and Dubplate Drama reflects that – alongside music by grime stars JME and Jammer, the soundtrack is heavily laden with dubstep, a south London hybrid of reggae, jungle and UK Garage that is fast reaching into the mainstream. Dubstep has been a staple of cutting edge Radio 1 music shows for the last few years – Mary Anne Hobbs has been a particularly vocal advocate and scene kingpin Skream recently hosted Pete Tong’s Essential Selection – and is the perfect soundtrack to Dubplate. It’s heavy, grimy and genuinely street-centered, made by disaffected, talented kids who make staggering noises from the cheapest equipment.

Dubplate Drama - WarrenWritten and directed by filmmaker Luke Hyams and produced by Louis Figgis, with executive producers Justin Stennet, Michelle Clothier and Sam Conniff, the storyline picks up a year later in the lives of the characters from the first series. The cast and cameo appearances boast a list of well-known new faces to the series including Noel Clarke – writer and co-star of award winning film ‘Kidulthood’, Adam Deacon – co-star of Kidulthood, DJ Tim Westwood, N Dubz, J2K, JME and Sean Brosnan – son of actor Pierce as well as stars from the first series, Rodney P, Jammer, Roger Griffiths and Shystie. Blanche Williams, one of the actresses from the ‘Lilt Ladies’ advertising campaign, will also make an appearance.

Luke Hyams, writer and director of Dubplate Drama commented: “The decision to make another series was easy. There's nothing else like Dubplate Drama on TV. Everywhere I went people asked me when the news series would be coming out and what the story was going to be. We'd barley scratched the surface of this world in the first series and there were so many stories left to tell and so much new music we wanted people to hear. Making people think was also a priority. There were a number of issues we wanted to create debate on amongst the audience and hopefully the dilemma cliff-hangers will get people talking. I really hope this series is as much fun to watch as it was to make".

Dubplate Drama - Fyre Crew

Sam Conniff, co-founder of Livity and Executive Producer of Dubplate Drama said:

“Dubplate Drama 2 is unprecedented in terms of showing what can be achieved with multi platform branded content. From a marketing perspective we are most proud of our partnership with the NSPCC and ChildLine. We planned the series over a 12 month period and Dubplate was fully briefed on the issues that children and young people are taking to ChildLine. This allowed We worked together for nearly a year before we even started filming, allowing us to really plan storylines, the interweaving storylines, additional and exclusive content, and to match the channels and platforms accordingly to promote best present NSPCC messages and the ChildLine, one of the NSPCC’s helpline services, service to this important segment of their young audience. Hopefully we’ve created an example of how a show can genuinely help kids, be responsible and contain positive messages while retaining high quality storylines and credible drama”.

Dubplate Drama - Tim Westwood

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