Elaska Young

After previously being in the band Nova and the Experiences, Elaska Young is now treading the music industry solo with his new drop, Light As The Leaves. Capturing raw emotion in the personal experience of heartbreak, Young manages to speak to the masses, of which many will have gone through a similar situation. This artist captures the difficulty of returning to a sensitive, emotional place when becoming friends with the girl who broke his heart. The track is structured with two halves to project different vocal melodies, capturing the different perspectives Young had whilst writing the different halves. Fans will be pleased to see that Young’s talent is stripped simply back in this song, minimising the usual fancy production to focus on the hard meaning of the lyrics with only the addition of an acoustic guitar.

Young notes that his sound does vary a lot, differing from acoustic to indie-electro. Influenced by Two Feet, Angus and Julia Stone, Domonic Fike, and Hausky, this artist has been inspired to shape his own sound by looking up to the talents that have marked the music industry before him. Young even expresses his desire to collaborate with Two Feet in the future, wanting to get an insight into this artist’s process. He also gave a mention to Arlo Parks, who he is currently listening to, admiring the way that she captures mental health realities and relatable melancholy in her tracks.

Young notes that almost all of his tracks start with a vocal melody idea, which often hit this artist at any time of the day. Then, he starts finding chords to match the vocal melody before writing out keywords of the theme he wants to expand on. Deeming the lyrics as the most important part of his songs, they always come last to Young, finalising each track to perfection. Whilst Young took on the challenge to produce Light As The Leaves, he strongly believes in collaboration, welcoming the work of a colleague who mixed this track along with a few other songs too.

With an EP being set to be released by the end of 2021, it’s clear that we can expect more to come from Elaska Young in the near future. Already starting to make his mark with performances, his favourite of which being in New York City, fans are anticipating more live music from this artist to crop up soon so that they can embrace the truly magical atmosphere of what these tracks have to offer. Young uses social media platforms to showcase his personality, keep in touch with fans, and further his musical exposure, so stay tuned in the online world if you’re buzzed to see what this artist has to offer!

Listen to Light As The Leaves today on YouTube.

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