Ever The Ghost - Ghost Town

Ever The Ghost is a 23-year-old artist and producer that makes music from his bedroom. His sound is never the same because he likes providing a variety and switching it up often, as a jack of all trades. He shares, “I don’t aim for a genre but rather offer something fresh through honest expression“. This is the energy we all need.

His parents raised him on classic rock, but eventually Ever The Ghost’s music taste grew distantly far from anything resemblant of the genre. His musical influences are Bring Me the Horizon, Knocked Loose, Odd Future, Linkin Park, and Twenty One Pilots, just to name a few. These influences are apparent in his music. One of his dreams is to collaborate with underground artist Fats’e.

At the core, ‘Ghost Town‘ was written about isolation and protecting Ever The Ghost’s own energy. On a macrocosmic scale, the song is about our experience when we feel trapped in our heads. Ever The Ghost thinks that his audience would love the “spooky vibe” of the song.

Ever The Ghost self-produces his songs from his bedroom. He says, “Music comes to me sometimes out of my dream. I will jump out of bed and try to record what I was dreaming up.” If he is not collaborating with someone else, Ever The Ghost will randomly think of lyrics or a melody and follow that inkling.

He doesn’t waste time filtering or searching for inspiration. He waits for a genius idea to come to him like an artist and then refines the idea like a surgeon. Ever The Ghost is someone to keep your eye on.

Listen to Ever The Ghost’s ‘Ghost Town’ on SoundCloud.

Ever The Ghost - Ghost Town

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