XonDaTrack's 'Let Me Know'

Music producer and sound engineer XonDaTrack produces everything himself, with very few instances where he  will go out of his comfort zone and collaborate with trusted musical peers. His sound is what he calls Urban Pop – he  takes the best elements of both hip hop and pop music, combining them to produce amazing melodies that are enhanced by aggressive drum beats.

He is back louder than ever with a high energy single ‘Let Me Know’, which features up and coming singer-songwriter Johnny Kyng. This new single explores the feeling of attraction and love at first sight, prompting the question: can the line between love and lust be blurred or are they completely unrelated? This high energy dance track with a high driving bass line and some solidly thumping drums tells the story.

This song paints the picture of heading out to a party, then unexpectedly seeing someone and instantly connecting. The feeling is all too familiar and powerful that you have to question is this love or lust?

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