Fans describe Factual‘s sound as edgy because it gives off an alternative pop vibe, but it’s also raw and emotional. He’s influenced by many artists, including Machine Gun Kelly, NEFFEX, Iann Dior, and Jxdn.

When writing music, Factual listens to his gut. He feels the vibe of the instrumental. If he resonates with it, he freestyles over it. What he experiences during that moment is poured into the song, and it’s what usually makes it into the final cut.

His latest single, ‘Can’t Let Go,’ is about letting go of someone he had feelings for. The girl is always on his mind, and Factual can’t forget about her. He shares, “I‘m finding it way too hard to move on and get rid of these feelings.”

The concept of this song is very relatable as a lot of fans can connect to finding the difficulty in letting go of someone. Even if Factual hasn’t performed live yet, he appreciates everyone who listens to his music. He says, “From the bottom of my heart, you make me grow as a person, thank you.” ‘Can’t Let Go’ is part of Factual’s album, CRASH.

Listen to Factual’s ‘Can’t Let Go’ on Spotify.

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