Pace Brown - Cola

As a music artist who grew up in Harlem, Pace Brown started playing different instruments at a very early age. His family not only loved his work but also encouraged him to indulge in different music styles and types. This immersive experience helped to develop his unique sound and emotional sentiments his work carries. 

The artist’s new song ‘Cola‘ is sultry, romantic, and carries a hip-hop flavour. The word ‘Cola’ is actually used as a symbolic reference to paint a vivid picture for Brown’s fans, who connect with the authenticity in the song lyrics. Pace says, ‘All of my fans have felt love, pain and excitement, so I believe that they can relate to me on a personal level through my music‘.

Brown’s sound can be described as a mix of hip-hop and R&B, so of course, his musical influences include Ryan Leslie and John Legend. When he is in a creative mood, Brown is listening to R&B hits from the 90’s. 

The artist’s song-writing process is usually happening in his head, because that way he can accurately depict what he is expressing and have a sense of freedom, instead of being tied to a piece of paper. 

When asked about his favourite places to perform, the artist admits, ‘I love performing in Atlanta, New York, and California. These places have incredible venues and audiences, it is amazing. I have always been welcomed, they hold a special place in my heart‘.

Pace Brown loves to connect with his fans on Instagram and is thanking them for following his music journey. ‘My fans are my inspiration and they will love the new EP ‘Dammit Daniel”.

Listen to ‘Cola’ on Audiomack.

Pace Brown - Cola

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