Burgeoning rapper-producer duo, Fieves, is set to release their newest single, All We Do Is Talk, featuring Verbz. This compelling track beckons listeners into a reverent journey that delves into the intricate layers of life. From the trials of urban existence to the relentless pursuit of aspirations and individual development, Fieves skilfully navigates these thematic landscapes.

Embracing resilience not solely from internal reservoirs, the duo eloquently contemplates the pervasive rat race mentality prevalent among young creatives in fiercely competitive inner-city environments. They poignantly underscore the sentiment that, at times, our earnest endeavours may seem futile and devoid of significance when compared to the accomplishments of others.

All We Do Is Talk contributes to Fieves‘ expansive discography, a testament to the band’s versatility demonstrated in acclaimed singles like “Cigarette Stories“, “Loss is Loss” and their latest release, “Million Faces” featuring Nyah Grace. The latter has garnered widespread recognition and substantial airplay on prominent platforms such as BBC Radio 1, BBC 6 Music, and Kiss Fresh.

These contrasting tracks highlight the Fieves‘ diverse musical prowess, seamlessly blending elements of UK Hip Hop and grime with a nuanced nod to self-exploration, creating a sound that is simultaneously nostalgic and innovative. Their ability to navigate the intricacies of their artistry through a lens of introspection is evident in this evolving musical narrative.

Fieves, composed of rapper Finnerz and producer DJ Yves Jones, embrace a diverse range of influences, enabling them to craft music without being confined by genre boundaries. This ability, highly valued in Manchester’s artistic community, sets them apart. Known for seamlessly blending conscious rap with UK dance music rhythms, Fieves has made a significant impact beyond Manchester. Notably, their dynamic live debut at the prestigious Deaf Institute in 2022 caught the attention of many, leading to a headline show at Wilson’s Den and a thrilling support slot with The Four Owls.

They headlined the coveted YES basement and collaborated with Red Bull for a city-transforming street rave in Manchester. Additionally, Fieves host an online platform called Barz in Carz, where both emerging and established local talents showcase their skills by joining the duo in their car.

In anticipation of their upcoming release, “All We Do Is Talk,” Fieves is set to perform at The Mouse OutfitBlues Kitchen Manchester on December 3rd. The event promises to be electrifying, featuring soulful tunes and captivating performances. With the new single adding to their authenticity and hype, Fieves is on track to attract even more attention as they ascend into the exclusive realm of iconic, cult UK acts, exerting influence and holding significant weight in the industry.



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