Michael Jacob

Michael Jacob is a 23-year-old artist and engineer from California. He loves to create music and hopes to make a career out of it. He is currently working on an album entitled ‘Allow Me to Introduce Myself’. Michael plans to release the album by December.

Michael’s sound as an artist is very diverse. He doesn’t conform to one type of genre. He shares, “Growing up, different types of music surrounded me. I sing and rap, but the spectrum is all over“. His songs range from hip-hop to R&B, but you can tell that he is thinking of exploring EDM sometime in the future based on comments in the past.

Harley Quinn‘ is Michael’s latest release. It’s a love song about finding people who will ride life with you through thick and thin. He says, “In my personal life, I have had people come and go. Finding that person who will ride through it all is important“.

The relationship between Joker and Harley Quinn inspired Michael’s latest track. He shares, “Harley Quinn was his ride or die. It is evident how the Joker was and how he had all types of issues, but she was his perfect match and was by his side through it all“. Michael believes that most of us are in search of our perfect counterpart — which is why he feels that this song will relate to a lot of people.

Listen to Michael Jacob’s ‘Harley Quinn’ on SoundCloud.

Michael Jacob

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