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FlamBey is an artist whose music reflects his personality and interest. As a performer, writer, producer & composer, FlamBey has proven to be a multi-talented visionary producing & executive producing all of his albums to date, reminisent of artists such as Prince and Kanye West. Seen by many in the industry as hip hop’s next big superstar, his music is being described as "gangsta sexy" because of its unique blend of melodic grooves, club beats, and street saavy lyrical content.

Handsome, sexy, and charismatic FlamBey’s music has a strong appeal to women from all walks of life while still being edgy enough for his male fanbase. FlamBey has been compared to platinum hip hop superstars such as Jay Z, LL Cool J, Big Daddy Kane, & Kanye West who all happen to be some of his more notable influences.

Flamby - BiographyFlamBey is a CEO /Artist on his own label Bright Vision Entertainment. FlamBey has sold over 30,000 records independenly since 2003. In doing so he has captured the attention of many national independent distributors finally deciding to sign with 101 Distribution. The deal with 101 allows FlamBey to stay true to his artistic and entreprenurial vision.

A product of Harlem, NYC, FlamBey’s music and style has a mainstream appeal that translates well to a diverse audience both domestic and international. What sets him apart from most rappers today is his ability to articulate his artistic vision, star charisma, great music and overall mass appeal.

FlamBey has performed at some of NYC’s most prominent venues including Don Hills, Crash Mansion, SOB’s, Club Downtime, and Jacob Javitz Center. FlamBey’s accomplishments as a musical entreprenuer have been amazing to say the least. An astute businessman, he has brokered everything from a national distribution deal, to having his music & videos placed on MTV & BET, to having his music played on commerical, college, satellite, & internet radio.

In August 2005, FlamBey took home the prestigious award for "Most Original Male Hip Hop Artist" at NYC’s Underground Music Awards further suggesting FlamBey and Bright Vision Entertainment are a force to be reckoned with within the music industry!

FlamBey has released 3 stellar projects. Destiny (2003) Go Hard f/Petey Pablo (2004 single) The Flamerous Life (2005). FlamBey’s music is in frequent rotation on XM satellite radio, Sirius satellite radio, Music Choice, DMX Music, WPGC 95.5, FM, WTMP 96.1FM, ASCAP Radio, LaunchCast on Yahoo Music. His hit song "Hot Girl" was recently featured on MTV’s "My Super Sweet 16" and the "Hot Girl Remix"video has been added to BET’s hit late nite program "Uncut" along with being added to Launch.com & Blastro.com FlamBey’s music is available at Best Buy, FYE, Tower, I-Tunes, E Music, MSN, AOL, Yahoo, Napster, Amazon.com, CDBaby.com & Coconuts.

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