T-Major - Flex

‘Flex’ by T-MAJOR was created to lift people up when they are being doubted. The artist says, ‘I suffer from depression and alienation. This has been hard for my family and friends to understand. When I need support with my dreams of being a mainstream artist, people don’t believe that I can do it. It hurts me emotionally to see my cousins being praised for their endeavours, yet no one believes in me. So, I decided to encourage myself and believe in my abilities and talents’.

T-MAJOR’s sound is braggadocious and stylish as well as provides lyrical bars. His vocal sound comes from his father, a famous comedian Steve Brown.

The artist’s main influences come from gospel music, R&B and Soul music. He believes that music should move and inspire people.

T-MAJOR loves to freestyle his songs because after hearing the music, the inspiration just strikes him. He also works with a team of producers and writers to make concepts and themes for the songs.

The artist is currently working on a mixtape and an EP as well as collaborations with other artists.

T-MAJOR says that social media allows him to connect with his fans and be himself. He is very grateful for everyone who is supporting him. ‘Thank you for taking your time and being with me on my journey. I truly appreciate everyone and everything. I call it all joy from top to bottom. Please continue to support and follow me for more music and other great things to come’.

Listen to ‘Flex’ on YouTube.

T-Major - Flex


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