Frank Black - I'm Zo Blowed - Biography

Born in Miami, Florida, student of hard knocks streets of Little Haiti, Frank Black was born June 10, 1982. He was raised by hard-working parents in a household with two brothers, and two sisters, and a nephew. But he suffered gravely when at the age of fifteen, his mother, the backbone of the family, passed away.

From then on, the absence of his parents left him prey to neighborhood gangsters and hustlers. He dropped out of High School at age fifteen. Fell into "in and out of jail" circumstances. But realized before it was too late that this was not the life he or his mother would approve of. Shook off hustler and "in and out of jail" status and rose to the occasion by first, returning to school and graduating. Secondly, he traded negative attitude for a pen and paper as a means of expressing inner frustrations and experiences.

Frank Black began his journey in 1998 with DJ Aspekt. He branched out in 2003 with 21 Bangstreet, and reconnected in 2006 with DJ Aspekt to form Allout Records Inc. First known as Teflon (renegade, bullet proof vest), adopted the name Frank Black from Frank White in the movie Kings of New York, who came from nothing and surfaced to gain the respect he so rightfully deserved. Frank Black is here to "put Little Haiti on the map".

Frank Black - I'm Zo Blowed - Biography

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