Franz Von

Rapper Franz Von is best known as the high octane MC of much loved afro-fusion kings K.O.G. and The Zongo Brigade. A well established artist releasing music and collaborating with a host of great artists and producers.

He originally hails from Maypen, Jamaica but grew up and lived in Sheffield, South Yorkshire since his teens. He’s been dropping bars on the mic in clubs and on recordings for well over ten years but it’s the last couple of years that his profile has gone through the roof. His blend of Jamaican dancehall MCing with classic old school boom bap Hip Hop rap style, often over banging afrobeat or highlife rhythms, has endeared him to audiences at clubs and festivals UK and Europe wide.

His skills as an MC mean he can guest with a whole variety of artists and styles, from afrofusion to straight up Hip Hop, drum & bass productions to punk jazz vibes. In the last few years alone, he’s graced the mic with K.O.G. and The Zongo Brigade, TC and The Groove Family, ONIPA, Balaphonics, Labo Klandestino (France) and Vipertime.

All along, he’s kept his own Franz Von live Hip Hop project going and his love for live music and interacting with musicians in the moment means it’s a full live band. Like a North of England version of The Roots but with heavy afro-fusion, rowdy jazz and dancehall elements. His band is made up of some of the kings of the Leeds DIY jazz / global beats scene.

Franz Von

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