Mr.J (D-RIOT) - Free To Be Me

Since 2007, Mr.J (D-RIOT) has made his life mission to ensure that each listener receives a positive message from his music. Inspired by Craig Mack, Nas, Eminem, Common and many more, Mr.J (D-RIOT) socially conscious lyric propels listeners to go against the grain to discover themselves and make an impact in the communities around them.

Free To Be Me‘ is about knowing who you are, and not worrying about trying to fit inside today’s standards. Instead of following the crowd, let the crowd follow you and do not let society tell you who you are supposed to be.

When asked about the songwriting process, the artist is honest, ‘I like to let the music talk to me, but often I let the lyrics flow free. I can be out somewhere and a hook or a verse will just pop into my head. A song title can come from a conversation I just had with someone. Lyrics are based on life, the more you live, the more you grow’.

Mr.J (D-RIOT) is a fan of old school hip-hop like Tupac, Biggie and Outkast. He would love to have a collaboration with Eminem and Common.

The artist says that he likes that his fans can connect with him on social media since it is an up-close and direct approach to the artist’s life and music. He is very thankful to all the fans and appreciates every single one of them.

Listen to ‘Free To Be Me’ on YouTube and Spotify.


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