Jared Pepsi - Fuck Up

Fuck Up‘ by Jared Pepsi was written when the artist was feeling hopeless. He found a beat he liked on Youtube and invited whyhaze and dollywood1 to record this track together. The lyrics of the song are about a lost person who feels like a fuck up and does not know what is coming for him next.

Pepsi wrote this song inspired by personal experience because at the time he was feeling very low. The artist believes that this song will be relatable to his fans because sometimes a lot of us feel like fuck ups, especially when we are going through a difficult time. He says, ‘My lyrics really come from the heart and I think my fans will hear that and connect with me when they listen to this song’.

The artist’s sound can be described as hyperpop and glitchcore. Pepsi likes to use instrumentals with very melodic and EDM-type vibes. Distortion and compression are significant for his sound as well. He often uses clips from the vocals and repeats them to add a glitchy effect.

Jared Pepsi is happy about the hyperpop artists being a close community. They help each other with creating music and get inspired by each other. Pepsi is influenced by Lil Soda Boi and capoxxo.

Even though at the moment the artist only sings and records his music, eventually he wants to learn how to produce it as well.

Jared Pepsi likes to connect with his fans on social media because that way he can let them know when the new music is coming out, he can get feedback from them and just get to know them better. 

Listen to ‘Fuck Up’ on Spotify.


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