Future Flavas

Compiled by Crate Digger, here is a list of dope wax to look out for…
Doyen & Cocka ‘Cock Dezal’ 12” (YNR Productions)
High Timez ‘High Grade Jugglin’ (Wolftown Recordings)
Killa Kela ‘Deatox’ 12” (Jazz Fudge)
Malarchi ft Canibus ‘Da Shock’ 12” (Gemtoy)
Microdisiac ‘Too Late’ 12” (Dominant 3rd Recordings)
Non-Slick 12” (Dominant 3rd Recordings)
Phi Life Cypher ‘Herbaholics’ Remix 12” (Jazz Fudge)
Skinnyman ‘London Bangers” 12” (Titan Sounds) – summer
Tommy Evans, Ricochet & DupaStyles ‘4 Horsemen’ 12” (YNR Productions)
Vicious Circle ‘Bwoy’ 12” (Wolftown Recordings)
Villains ‘UK Sound’ Remix (Wolftown Recordings)
Wolftown Committee ‘Artform Technique’ 12” (Wolftown Recordings)

Asaviour EP (YNR Productions)
Deckwrecka vs Silent Eclipse EP (Ronin Records)
Delegates of Culture ‘Midnight Company’ EP (MOFU Records)
Delegates of Culture ‘Resented’ EP (MOFU Records)
Evil Ed ‘The Tournament’ EP Round Two (YNR Hidden Identity)
Nmonic EP (YNR Productions)
Sir Thomas Weller & The Magic Eye EP (Dominant 3rd Recordings)
The Planets ‘Rainbows of Calamities’ EP
Tommy Evans ‘4 Elements’ EP (YNR Productions)
Usmaan EP (YNR Productions)

57th Dynasty ‘DIY Ethic’ (Fas Fwd) – summer 2001
Ashbury LP (Landsape Recordings) – autumn 2001
Best of London Posse LP (Wordlab) – autumn 2001
Blak Twang ‘Kick Off’ LP (Bad Magic) – summer 2001
Blu Rum 13 ‘Vaguely Familiar’ LP (Jazz Fudge) – summer 2001
Braintax ‘Vivid’ LP (LowLife) – autumn 2001
Ca$hino ‘Subterranean’ LP (Rugged Style Records) – summer 2001
Def Tex LP (Son) – June 2001
DFXO ‘Kill Ya Wiv a Demo’ LP (SFDB Records) – 31/5/01
Insane MacBeth ‘The Retardation Project’ LP (Insane Recordings) – summer 2001
Karl Hinds ‘Hindsight’ LP (Ill Flava) – autumn 2001
Malarchi ‘Forgotten Word’ LP (Gemtoy) – 30/4/01
New Flesh for Old LP (Big Dada) – June 2001
Outdaville ‘Renaissance (The Rebirth)’ Compilation LP (Out Da Ville) – autumn 2001
Pelding ‘Pelding’ LP (Jazz Fudge) – summer 2001
Reachout ‘Roks ‘n’ Rolls’ LP (Oh Eye Records) – summer 2001
Social Misfits ‘Sir Prestige presents… Social Misfits’ LP (Social Misfits) – summer 2001
The Russian Percussion LP (Jazz Fudge) winter 2001
Troy Scalpels LP (Personal Recordings) – late summer
Universal Soldiers ‘Street Veterans’ Compilation CD (Tongue Tied) – June 2001
Various Artists ‘Styles Upon Styles’ Volume 2 LP (Stonegroove Recordings) – summer 2001
Various Artists ‘The Mission Statement’ LP (Jazz Fudge) – autumn 2001
Vicious Circle ‘Bagged Out’ LP (Wolftown Recordings) – summer 2001
Wolftown Committee ‘Legendary Status’ – winter 2001
Wordlab Volume 2 (Wordlab) – summer 2001


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