G Dep Returns From The Hiatus

For many when you mention the name G Dep many things come up, some good some bad. For the past six years G Dep also known as the Deputy has been battling his demons, however through it all he has not stopped doing what made him famous in the first place. That is spit lyrics that made him a hot commodity to one of the biggest labels and executives in the game.

Releasing his debut album on Bad Boy Records, which scanned over 300k with the hit records "Special Delivery" and "Let's Get It", G Dep had the whole world doing the Harlem Shake. It was this break out album that put G Dep on the Hip hop radar as a bonafide super star. Dep was gaining the respect as a true MC.

After rumors of being dropped from Bad Boy, though not publicly confirmed, Dep was forced to fend for him self and was forced to face the demons of drugs by doing time on Rikers Island. For many this would have been a regular thing to the child of the ghetto, but to him it was a wake up call that made him put his life in perspective and because of this he forced himself to be accountable for the harm he inflicted on himself.

So after doing his time, a sober Dep was released. Now Dep is back on the music scene and is destined to regain what was a sure thing – rap super stardom. With the release of his new mixtape entitled Deponomics aka The Hiatus, Dep delivers that flow the world grew to love on his previous classic debut album.

Dep's has a new mixtape set to drop hosted by mixtape heavy weight DJ E.Nyce. G Dep is back on the right track and with a great story to tell. Dep is ensuring a happy ending, he is in the studio working on a new album with heavy weights Dame Grease, Ron Browz, Needles, Eazy El Pee, Keez to the city Ron G, Taylor Made and Double Nickelz just to name a few.

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