Formerly a member of the Hip-Hop group 35 Above, GEE BAG has taken matters into his own hands and has gone solo in ’05. GEE BAG (born Gavin Shaw) has an overwhelming passion for Hip-Hop music, whether from the perspective of a mature artist or the perspective of a fanatic of the whole movement and culture.

As an inner city youth in Brixton – South London, he was inspired by the sounds of early nineties American Hip-Hop, leading to the obsessive collecting of records, tapes and CDs of various artists. Inspirations include Kool Moe Dee, LL Cool J, Gang Starr, EPMD, Diamond D, NWA, Slick Rick and too many others to all list.

GeebagFrom the most run down to the most prestigious spots on the underground circuit in and around London, GEE BAG has been performing for the last ten years. His travels have also taken him onto the stage of the Apollo theatre in Harlem, New York – U.S of A, as well as to Rimini – Italy to perform live on TV at the Freestyle Session Championships.

The big kid fan boy in GEE BAG keeps up to date with British magazines Undercover and Hip-Hop Connection. He also has a lot of love for British Hip-Hop artists and groups such as Universal Soldiers, Rodney P, Vee Kay, Café Recordings, Blak Twang, Fallacy and many more.

GEE BAG is currently working on his solo material. So far collaborations include Mister Jaes and P.A.C. from Café Recordings, KLM, Blest Unique Hastings (from 35 Above) and Jimmy Plates representing for the Beat library. GEE BAG’s music is straight up Hip-Hop with a touch of Funk, Jazz, Rhythm and Blues mixed in with Soul that always re-invents itself while he continues to strive to become a great lyricist by the will of God.

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