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G who? You may ask! Well a question that most defiantly this year will be answered. G*Fam are a hip-hop trio who all show off their talents by rapping in a style that is second none. G*Fam rocked the stage at the O’bar in Camden and female Nyah shocked the crowd as she delivered her lyrics with such clarity the crowd couldn’t help but scream.

These three individual’s have grown up since they where in nursery so their formula is not to be reckoned with. Their love of music from three very different kids is now turning into reality as this group fling their talent to the forefront. North West London raised the trio have a strong family background and share childhood memories that most conventional groups and bands lack. They are not manufactured and have not auditioned for these roles. This group has a natural talent which shines through in there album entitled "Get Familiar". The group are self managed, motivated and each person in the group plays an active role in ensuring that "things" happen.

Def1 has an excellent ear for music and is the executive producer in the group, he has control of their production, writing concepts and orchestrating studio time. Nyah being the "boss lady" is the major liaison coordinator between bookings, photo shoots videos anything / everything that is creative the group may require. Hoodzee is a wizz on the net. He runs their active website, my space and ensures weekly rehearsals to maintain a quality performance on any given stage.

“Were out for that Simon Cowell money”, is a quote taken from their Myspace. This group obviously see a huge slice of cake and are not settling for any less. So this Hip Hop / R’n’B group is far from your average crew of MC’s battling over the microphone at the decks and as they would say, ‘are in comparison to no other’.

These Artists that have come from a challenging and hard background however they have overcome adversity to translate their hardship into fun quality music open to a wider audience. With completion of a digital press pack that displays the group’s passion to get to the top they have the "tiger in their eye" and a fierce but professional approach. The group perform at any given opportunity and currently are on an underground radio tour around the UK informing people who they are and exactly what their about.

They are an inspired and innovative trio, who have potential way beyond their years. As a group they are continually learning developing and expanding. You can follow video blogs of the group at http://www.gfam.co.uk where they actively interact to feedback from their followers.


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