Glue - Catch As Catch Can [Fat Beats]

Members of one of hip-hop’s hardest working groups, Glue, have spent their summer readying themselves for another national tour to support their third release, Catch As Catch Can, to be released on Fat Beats Records in September 2006. Consisting of Scribble Jam’s only two-time winning emcee Adeem, DJ djdq, and producer Maker, the three members of Glue are no strangers to hard work; they’ve spent over 400 days on the road over the past 5 years.

Glue’s strong DIY work ethic is one of the main reasons for the group’s success. Having toured the country several times over, they’ve built a solid base of dedicated fans that have bought over 10,000 copies of their debut release, despite the fact the album was sold only via their website and at their shows.

Their label admits that the group’s evident self-sufficiency made them especially attractive. Explains Fat Beats A&R Dan Goldberg, " The accomplishments they made on their own spoke volumes to us. We love to work with artists such as Glue who have a clear vision and work hard to achieve their goals."

Glue - Catch As Catch Can [Fat Beats]Adds Adeem, "Despite our pathetic money situation we’ve always been able to make things happen – hence the album’s title, Catch As Catch Can. "Now with Fat Beats behind us, we’re able to hand over some of our responsibilities to professionals and spend more time being artists." Their upcoming tour with Sol-Ilaquists of Sound marks the first tour they’ll embark on that they didn’t book themselves.

Glue’s forthcoming album Catch As Catch Can is full of up-tempo sample-laden tunes that infuse elements of rock and soul. The song, "A Lot To Say" illustrates the group’s love for what they do; despite all the downsides of being struggling artists, for them, the experience of creating and performing music for crowds is overwhelmingly rewarding. Lyrics: "My adrenaline gets me going/ rolling through midnight / Into promised hands / where failure has no rights / We don’t need your separation / I’ll bring the words and music, you bring the participation."

Another song, "Glupies" reflects the group’s disregard for overzealous star-chasers who lack self-respect. Lyrics: "The last thing on my mind is sex w/ a stranger / I’m trying to play shows and make some paper / This is my living, stop killing all the feeling/ Hey drunk girl, stop sleeping / on your own self esteem / thanks for digging the game but you’ve got the wrong team."

Glue - Catch As Catch Can [Fat Beats]

If you’ve ever dedicated yourself wholeheartedly to something you believe in, Glue has a song that you can relate to. Catch As Catch Can is honest as it gets.

To hear some of the tunes mentioned above, please click below:

"A Lot To Say":


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