Godamit - Greatness Resides In Non-Stop Dedication

Godamit is a UK artist from North West London who specialises in Boom Bap, Chill Hop, Jazz Hop and Lofi Hip Hop. He has just dropped his EP entitled “G.R.I.N.D” which stands for Greatness Resides In Non-Stop Dedication.

The EP follows a #100DayGrindChallenge which was a mental health experiment, and for it Godamit created, completed and documented online.

The idea for the challenge came from a three year long bout of operations which Godamit went through, which not only left him bed ridden, unemployed and physically debilitated, but also exacerbated many life long mental health issues which he has struggled with.

Godamit states that he, “created the 100DayGrind to not only propel me back into normal life, on route to fulfilling my potential but also to return me back to somewhat of myself“.

He continued to elaborate, “the music on the EP is therefore inspired by the same issues I still suffer with. It’s filled to the brim with clever and introspective lyricism over crisp, hard hitting production“.

The EP serves as solace and motivation for anyone going through something similar with their mental and / or physical health.

You can find out more about the 100DayGrindChallenge via 100daygrind.com.


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