Evan James

Evan James is not like other rappers. He describes his sound as “alternative“. He mixes and masters all his music which results in the professional sound he wants. If you combine the music of Johnny Cash, G-Eazy, MGK, and Big Sean, you can get a hint of what Evan James’s music sounds like.

Evan’s musical influences have a great effect on his sound. He looks up to them and creates sounds that are similar to his idols’. Some of the other artists he finds impactful are AC/DC, Eminem, and Russ. He shares, “They all have done powerful movements with music, and I’m trying to do the same“.

His latest single, ‘Going All In‘, is inspired by Evan’s life events. His ex cheated on him and created drama with his family, hates his 9-to-5 job, barely has friends, and his family lives far away. Music is all Evan has. He says, “‘Going All In’ is about how music, for me, is all or nothing. It’s what helps me cope and go through life“.

Evan brings an element of realism to his lyrics, something that his fans appreciate a lot. He can create lyrics anytime and anywhere. He doesn’t need music before writing the lyrics. His songwriting process usually starts with writing the song in full. Then, he finds a melody that fits it. Finally, he cleans up the lyrics to match the instrumental.

Listen to Evan James’ ‘Going All In’ on Spotify.


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