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Everyone goes through hard times. It is difficult but how we deal with things really affects our lives. Sometimes we need a driving force, someone to relate to, something to keep us inspired and encouraged. That inspiration for Gregory Julas is music. Pouring his heart out in his songs gets him through the hard times. He wants to use his music to in turn inspire others to live a full life.

Julas loves rock music; he started playing drums in a metal band,  often singing lead from the kit. However, he always loved the sound of driving metal guitar. He loves old 80s metal and grunge music. It allowed songwriters to express concepts in a way where we can really understand where the artist is coming from and relate to it. This is also what Julas wants to achieve, touch people’s souls and help them, encourage them to get through life with him. His purpose is to inspire people to find what is really important, to discover things they never knew existed and touch on new and different aspects of themselves.

Better Than I Do” is a song about staying wise when under oppression. Oppression can come in many forms, and is often deceptive. It is a destructive force and we need to help each other through such things. We need to stay wise and inspire each other. It encourages people to lift each other up, not destroy each other.

Everyone has experienced oppression in some form, and we can relate to each other in this aspect. What we need, is to inspire and lift each other up, strike a nerve and find a way to gain the courage we need. We have to stimulate our heart, minds and soul to keep moving forward, despite the odds. This is what the song hopes to achieve for its listeners.

Julas was initially inspired by Phil Collins to get into music. It was a challenge at first, but he did it anyway. He bought an electric guitar, and went to college where he learned how to play it from other people there. Even though he loves grunge and old metal, he wants to create a unique sound for himself that will turn heads and make people remember him. His musical influences are Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, and Older metal.

Julas is currently focused on songwriting, vocals, and electric guitar. He loves experimenting with vocal techniques such as vocal distortion of his voice and wants to use it creatively, alongside old metal and grunge guitar to make some powerful, new rock music with a different sound.

When writing lyrics, he usually puts down an electric guitar progression that he likes, and imagines how the vocals will work with it as a preliminary track. He keeps experimenting with the sound for another few days until he finds something deeply satisfying. He then puts vocals on it and tweaks the guitar and song progression, coming back every now and then to fix something and make the song better. He loves to write with other artists that he can work with easily; he tries new methods over time to see what works the best.

Julas wants to collaborate with any grunge bands. He especially loves Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and bands with the older metal sound. He loves playing outdoors, where people can sit or stand, dance and just be themselves, enjoying the outdoors; he believes even bad weather can add to the experience.

Social media is an important way for the artist to connect with people, especially his fan. He also loves promoting to radio. He is planning to release an EP as soon as he can, so expect some driving, thought provoking, inspiring metal grunge soon. His goal is to inspire, embolden, and help people live their life out fully.  He says that if there is something in him that helps his fans, then he wants to share that with them, and live life alongside them.

Listen to ‘Better Than I Do’ by Gregory Julas on SoundCloud and Spotify.

Gregory Julas - Better Than I Do

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