Gym Class Heroes

Emerging from upstate New York come the Gym Class Heroes, a four-piece indie/hip hop band. GCH use live instruments and musicians to create their unique sound (not looped samples and canned beats), fusing crisp guitar rhythms, deep melodic bass lines, head cracking beats, and conscious lyrics. 

The band first got it’s start during high school in 1997 with MC/singer Travis teaming up with drummer Matt, who was then playing drums with other GCH bandmates, Milo Bonacci and Ryan Geise. Early in the school year both bands ended up playing at a friends party. From then on the four began writing material under the name Gym Class Heroes.

Gym Class Heroes - Papercut ChroniclesMuch of this material would eventually be compiled onto a series of E.P.’s, which sold locally out of backpacks and at shows. In early 2002 the band decided to independently release a full-length album, which they called ‘…For The Kids’. The album sold online and was the first time the band saw their music get outside of Central New York. The summer after the release Travis was selected from MC’s across the country to compete in a Direct Effect MC Battle at the MTV Beach House.

In an overwhelming crowd response, Travis was decided the winner on MTV, earning him an appearance in Styles P’s video for ‘Daddy Get That Cash’. The band secured opening slots on shows with Naughty By Nature, Mobb Deep, Blackalicious, Jurassic 5, Fat Joe, John Browns Body, Yakballz, Run-DMC, Cam’ron, and various rock bands. In April of 2004, GCH entered a New York recording studio on a minimal budget. They returned four days later with a brand new album entitled ‘The Papercut Chronicles’. Laced with honesty and sincerity, the record captures the complexity of Gym Class Heroes as people while showcasing song-writing abilities beyond their years. On tracks like ‘Make Out Club’ and the CD opener ‘Papercuts’, Travis displays a sly, witty sense and an ability to write conceptual songs that are as humorous as they are serious.

Gym Class Heroes

The record landed in the hands of Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy before it was even mixed. Pete hooked up the deal with Fueled by Ramen Records through his new Decaydance imprint. Milo, the Heroes original guitarist, recently left for Italy to study architecture. Enter Disashi, who was playing guitar and singing for a punk band in Ithaca, NY called Earl’s Garage.

2006 is time for something fresh. ‘The Papercut Chronicles’ is due to hit our shelves fast and hard, featuring remixes from Mr. Dibbs from Atmosphere and a special appearance by Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy. Gym Class Heroes will turn a lot heads, converting anyone in an earshot into fans. The boys will hit the road for a full on UK sell out tour with Fall Out Boy in January 2006. Be sure to catch them as they blitz through a town near you!

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