J.LeGras is an American singer-songwriter, record producer, and I.T. Engineer Consultant. He describes his sound as something inspired by Maxwell and D’Angelo. Some of his other musical influences include Prince, Usher, Stevie Wonder, and Sam Cooke.

Hailing from Louisiana, J.LeGras likes creating his songs from the ground up. He works without instruments but with producers. He helps produce most of his music by telling them what he wants, like if he wants to add drum beats or piano keys in a part of the song.

His latest single, ‘Heavy,’ is about wanting to see a certain woman because she is heavy on your mind. The track is sexy and contains a lot of high falsettos. Fans of J.LeGras will appreciate how this song serves sensuality and relaxation.

While being a co-producer, J.LeGras also writes his songs. He writes them without the provision of music beforehand. He shares, “I like writing without music because it’s so easy to write with music. I love the challenge. I love what I can create out of thin air“.

Listen to J.LeGras’ ‘Heavy’ on Spotify.


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